Get yourself hired with the use of BEE certification.

BEE is one of the most pioneering international rating agencies. They provide the most accurate ratings for hundreds of different skills and professions. Although the process may turn out somewhat costly and time consuming, the provided results turn out to be very accurate and thus it’s often being used as one of the requirement for the overseas and even local employment.

The advantage of these certificates and the reason why they are being so widely recognized is simple. By trusting to a certain certificate, a company could avoid the costly testing procedures in order to recruit new workers. Without the certificates it would take a couple of days for a company to test you out in their own ways, before they could decide about your worthiness. This process is time consuming for both – for you and the company too. So the BEE certificate can play a role of a universal standard and negotiation about the worker and employer who seeks some certain skills and knowledge requirements from its employees.

If you manage to acquire a BEE certificate, you could easily find job wherever you go. The exception would be the lower quality companies that don’t have any clues about the international certification standards. Either way you should avoid these useless companies, as you’ll never get any decent wage from wasting your time here and there.

Don’t believe in getting employed? Then hear some BEE employment feedback.

  • I’ve been always an educational junky, simply collecting different diplomas even though they didn’t much. My employers would often appreciate for have these papers but they unfortunately they would be unable to adjust my pay rate in any way. So if there wasn’t any difference why studying at all? I even started to discourage in this model of education that strives you to acquire these papers and later just shove them up back to your ass, without providing much of the benefits. It is about then I’ve heard about BEE. For me it was just another incomprehensible sequence of letters, reminding of a honey bee, stuck in the gut. Nothing more really. Then I thought, maybe another paper would actually count towards increasing my wage and make it at least 10% higher or something, because I knew I was good and I deserved it. Shortly after completing it I’ve got a job offer from the US. Without hesitation I left my country and now I can really enjoy my profession.
  • I was looking to get employed overseas for many years, and yet all my struggles were kind of in vain. First of all I’ve tried applying for the US but I’ve got turned down almost immediately. Then I tried Europe and Muslim countries, but have got tuned down too. They didn’t give any explanations regarding their decisions, and so I didn’t even know what I was doing wrong. Then a friend of mine has recommended completing BEE, and after giving it a try I’ve finally got employed.